Another Chapter In My HairStory

One week from today I'll be as old as I've ever been.

On one hand, this is exciting and invigorating - 2018 has not been a walk in the park but your girl is still standing. I've been through tough times before and bounced back - I'm currently at a master student level in the art of resilience. I'm a business owner doing something I love. I'm in a relationship with a man (and his daughter) that brings me much joy. My friendships are operating at a very high level of support. And thank God my family is still kicking strong - Granny, momma, auntee team, sisters, cousins, nephews and nieces thriving. I attribute my ability to see this things in such a positive light is a sign of my maturity and for this growth I am proud and grateful.

But then there's the other hand...

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Another July...

Years sure are rolling by quickly these days right? I feel like it was just July 2017. So much has changed since then. And at the same time, pretty much stayed the same. Life is funny that way - hilarious is a better term. Yet here I am again. Weeks away from the anniversary of my birth, contemplating all the things I can change to become the woman I feel destined to be. 

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Climb on Diarra Kilpatrick CLIMB ON!

Last night, I felt blessed to support some new, great, creative shit that reminded me that at the end of the day, great stories will get made. It was also a great moment because the creator wasn't someone I've been following on social media pretending to know their life - this creator was Diarra Kilpatrick, a wonderful and righteous woman I know in real life!

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For The Art Of It

Today I had one mission - rise above the fuckery that tomorrow will bring.

I knew staying off social was going to be imperative to my goal. Still I found time to pop up on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram a few times. I posted a picture or two but didn't let myself search too long at any given time. I found more fruitful distractions.

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And I Wait

October brought about a huge change in my life. I FINALLY cut the cord on my ATT UVerse cable account. As a somewhat tech savvy individual, this was long overdue. As a dedicated and avid TV fan that lives for DVR Sofa Saturdays, this has been a hard adjustment (all five days of it lol). The big issue has become waiting to watch my shows. My current favorite show is FX's Atlanta, which airs on Tuesday nights. I had to wait until last night to catch up on this week's episode. The good news is that it was WELL worth the wait!

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My Thoughts On Birth Of A Nation

Last night I went to a screening of "The Birth of A Nation". I read this script quite a while ago and was on fire as I read the last page. When the film hit Sundance and it's writer/director/lead actor Nate Parker left the festival with all the coins, I was ecstatic and could not wait to see for myself. I thought what a fantastic and timely clap back to the 1915 movie that depicted "the anarchy sure to come if the niggas took over". However, as news began to circulate about Parker's collegiate rape charges, I was a bit less enthused. 

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Let It Breathe

I'm really great at a lot of things. Relaxing is not one of them. Especially when it comes to my work. I think I've gone to the extremities of "strong work ethic" and have entered the land of perfectionist. Perfectionism used to sound perfectly fine with me - who didn't want PERFECT work?! But I realize that in my life, it has become a burden I no longer chose to bare.

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