Lest She Forget

Spring has sprung so it's time for spring cleaning. Oh joy.

 I use this time to not only get my space in order, but to also get my resumes, website, and social media accounts updated. This is often a daunting task. I find it difficult to go through everything and consolidate down to what's really needed - thus my current resume looks like a mini book! Then my ego (or the voice of Saturn who can tell the difference?) kicks in with the constant questioning - "What have you really accomplished? What are you building? Have you reached any of your goals?" 

As I was trying to update this site before sending my material for a potential creative collaboration, I watched one of the videos I'd intended to post. Since the project hit a bit of a brick wall, I had forgotten about my original intention for the work. It was very refreshing to revisit the energy I had about sharing my dreams and the dreams of other women of color. It had slipped my mind how passionate we dreamers can be even in the face of seeming defeat. I was reminded of the power in speaking our stories and sharing what we're really going through.  I was reminded of the content I sought to put out into the world. The video allowed me to answer the ego/Saturnian questions in a positive and concrete manner.

Sometimes we forget all that we've accomplished in the face of attempting to accomplish more.  I'm grateful for this season of spring to get my mental, physical and emotional space in order. It brings me so much joy to be able to review as I revise and just in case I've forgotten how far I've come, the cleaning process serves as a great reminder! 

Do you have any revitalizing rituals in place to remind you of your dreams, goals and desires in case you forget? Share below if you'd like and I'll be sending positive energy in support of you!