Skipping Through Time And Space

IMG_0760This was the final weekend of 2014. I had no desire to get out and about. Instead of turning up one more time, I laid down a whole lot. I rested and relaxed and didn't give much thought to many things at all. I did find myself feeling nostalgic for Saturdays past. As I reflected, I realized I spent many a Saturday in (SOFA SATURDAY!)! Luckily I had quite a few out and I think it was because of my good friend Megan getting the party portion of the year started! On Saturday, January 25, she hosted a Roaring Twenties Birthday Celebration. Megan is a costume designer for film and television so her hosting a costume party is not only apropos, but totally excited as I knew folk would push their costumes to the limit. She turned her home into a speakeasy and got an amazing DJ that had the entire place jamming (or whatever they called it back in the 20s)! The party was so memorable because for that night I was surrounded by super cool people and all of my moon sisters to that point were in the same place enjoying life together. Megan's theme party helped me see I needed to add at least one Saturday night out a month to my preplanned Sofa Saturdays! IMG_0796 IMG_0783 IMG_0779 IMG_0770 IMG_0762