Another Chapter In My HairStory

One week from today I'll be as old as I've ever been.

On one hand, this is exciting and invigorating - 2018 has not been a walk in the park but your girl is still standing. I've been through tough times before and bounced back - I'm currently at a master student level in the art of resilience. I'm a business owner doing something I love. I'm in a relationship with a man (and his daughter) that brings me much joy. My friendships are operating at a very high level of support. And thank God my family is still kicking strong - Granny, momma, auntee team, sisters, cousins, nephews and nieces thriving. I attribute my ability to see this things in such a positive light is a sign of my maturity and for this growth I am proud and grateful.

But then there's the other hand...

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