But I Like Her...

As I was getting my gossip fill this morning, I saw a bunch of sites reporting a Shonda Rhimes quote about Katherine Heigl. The first thing I thought was, "Wow! The most powerful woman in TV speaks and that's the soundbite we gonna roll with? Ok." As it sat with me a bit longer, I remembered my experience with Ms. Heigl and instantly a quote from Martin Luther King came to mind.

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

First of all, let me clarify. I do believe Ms. Rhimes is speaking her truth. I recall the articles when Ms. Heigl was quoted as saying some not so cool things leading up to the Emmys. I've also seen quotes from Seth Rogen and they were equally unflattering. But I'm a firm believer that people are not just one way. If you were to take a random sample of folk I've met over the years, I might be called a sweetie, an inspirer, a bitch, a pothead, a hard worker, a slacker, a beast or a scary cat - trust me I can give all of that and more on any given day! I just wanted to go on record of my experience with Ms. Heigl. When it's all said and done, if someone is recounting their negative experience with me, I'd hope someone would chime in with their positive experiences as well. (NOTE: I doubt Katherine Heigl is somewhere crying in her soup because someone said a mean comment about her lol. I also doubt she or Shonda Rhimes are awaiting the release of my latest blog post! I do believe I reentered the blog space to speak my truth though, so I can write what I want. And before you pseudo "black folk need to stick together commenters appear, please STFU. Let's not EVEN go there. I'm clearly a Rhimes stan-catch me any given Thursday and I'll be all up in the ABC space!)

article-2330114-19F85E29000005DC-161_634x600In April of 2013, I got hired to be a cast driver/assistant on the indie film, "North of Hell", filming in New Orleans. I was excited because I was supposed to be driving Patrick Wilson-good lawd that man is FINE! I was planning all my charm when due to a schedule change, I was informed I'd now be with Katherine Heigl. Due to her negative press, I was NOT excited. I was very nervous because I had read she could be a bit rude and I was not ready to deal with a diva. I was hoping for a relaxing job to earn some relatively easy money so I was more than a bit concerned. The first day we were set to meet, I got up early, I said my affirmations and I prayed my production job prayer that I always pray before starting a job, "Lord let me handle that comes my way with grace and ease."

When I reported to work, I didn't know what to expect but I had my guard up. It quickly melted when we met. Ms. Heigl was delightful! She had a great positive energy and one main intent, to show up and do justice to her quite demanding role. Every morning (and sometimes night for late shoots), I'd arrive at her home to scoop her up. She'd be ready to face the day and always showed up with a kind good morning, good music and energy that permeated the Chrysler 300 I'd drive us to work in. Eventually I met her mother/manager, Nancy Heigl. Now if Katherine was delightful, Nancy was inspiring. I've worked most of my career with talent managers, and the good ones all have one major objective-helping their talent reach their goals. Nancy was amazing. I'd hear (eavesdrop) her on business calls and she was so capable and amazing, it reminded me to focus on my goals. Both women were very interested in me and what my goals were. They quickly picked up on the fact I had prior experience in the industry. We talked about projects and they treated me with great respect. At the end of our time together, they gave me an amazing gift that helped me pursue my production goals.

From my experience, Katherine Heigl was amazing. I'd proudly work with her in a heartbeat and I can not wait to see her new TV show "State of Affairs" in November. I'm proud to have grown up a bit. My old way of thinking was that if we were friends you couldn't like someone I don't like. (So Shonda if you wanna give me a new writing gig, my belief that Ms. Heigl is awesome shouldn't affect that lol! Call me girl! I've got some thoughts on some storylines honey! LOL. Oh you too Seth Rogen boo-feel free to hire me at your will!)

At the end of the day, this is just my version of my experience. Me speaking MY truth. And who can be mad at that?