Creating The Space

I moved into my apartment mainly because my now roommate sent pictures of this gorgeous view and said something to the effect of we have a sunroom that can be a meditative or yoga space. I was so excited and immediately starting pinning things on Pinterest for a yoga space in your home. I moved into this place on August. I've thought about the meditation/yoga area since I arrived but was not ready to do anything with it until now. I finally took the time to create the space! Now every morning I can meet the sun with my sun salutations and centered heart from meditating. I even revamped an old table to serve as a part of my alter. I anticipate setting many intentions in that space and have vowed from now on no matter where I live, there must be such a reserved area for the inner work that both yoga and meditation allow. IMG_2799 IMG_2804 IMG_2807 IMG_2808 IMG_2810 IMG_2811 IMG_2813 IMG_2815