Day 1 - RELAX!

il_570xN.546224919_7suwAhhhhhhhh in about 10 minutes I'm clocking out for the last time in 2014! Yes I still have responsibilities and things to get done but I'm going to be on my time until we report back to the gig on Jan. 5. It is highly important to me to take my time over this break and live my life on my terms. Clearly we all do live on our terms day to day but I can put the majority of the emphasis on work. My life generally revolves around work. I long for the day my work revolves around my life. So in anticipation of that I'm going to live my life that way over the next two weeks! I'm so excited for this "experience". I'll get things done - working on submitting my short to film fests, writing new things, working out, cat sitting, etc etc etc. I've got things to do BUT I'm going to do it on my time. This will all begin tonight. The objective? RELAXATION. Really relax. LET GO. Drink some wine, watch Project Runway reruns, let go and just relax. That's the mission. I've already caught myself trying to overplan the evening! Tonight I just want to anxiousness about the days to come, no worries, no fear, no doubts...not too many cares. I just want to be free for the evening. So that is exactly what I shall do!