It's Happening

October was a pretty rough personal month. I asked myself a gazillion times if I had made a poor decision in moving to L.A. Things have not being going according to plan. Today was one of my best friend's baby shower. This is no ordinary friend, this is my GIRL! I couldn't make her wedding or graduation due to financial constraints but she's always been able to show up for me. I vowed to be there with a great attitude and no trace of the drama I've been experiencing. I also opted to take my camera to help gather lasting memories from the event. The day turned out to be so special! Not only was it a beautiful shower (complete with a 4 course meal and great wine!) but I realized Los Angeles is exactly where I want to be right now. Not only am I here with my great friend as she embarks on her new life as a mother, I love the weather, healthier lifestyle and exposure to such a high level of talented people. While there are many goals left to accomplish, I realized today without a doubt that I am on the right track. Since I had the camera out from the shower, I opted to do a short video to reiterate the fact that I'm watching things I've desired come to pass. I guess I'm a pretty powerful manifestor after all!