Kanye Be Preaching To Me

In  my play, "Hip Hop Is Alive: The Play", there's a scene where a preacher's sermon is full of Kanye West lyrics. That scene was inspired because I really do feel like Kanye's music speaks to me in that same way. Case in point: this morning. I was on my way to work and was listening to Power 106's The Cruz Show. They are getting ready for their annual power concert and Kanye West is the headliner. The DJ said he'd take it back. I almost wrecked my car when Spaceships came on.

musvid-spaceshipSpaceships is a dissertation by Mr. West on the way it feels to go to a job when you know your destiny is so much more (DaVida's interpretation). That song came right on time! Yes, Kanye shares his anguish about working at this job and shares all the thoughts that run through his head during his work shift. But his lyrics don't just focus on the issues at the Gap, but instead he gives insight into what he's really doing - ahem locking himself in a room doing five beats a day for three summers. Historically I'm not sure that he worked at the Gap for three years but let's be clear do we really care about specific deets when the story is compelling? The point for me is that while doing what he had to do for money, albeit not much money, he was focused on his purpose. MESSAGE!

So here's the church aspect. Do you know how sometimes you go to church it feels like the preacher read your diary the night before since his message is so on point to your life? Well it's like that. I daily, actually more like hourly, get upset about my current job. And while I don't have visions of assaulting my boss physically, I do say some harsh words in my head! I'm most upset because I know I want to do something more. I've worked so hard and done so many gigs that like Mr. West, I feel I deserve a Maybach! (Well actually a Prius but I digress.) What I'm getting at is the song came right on time. While I have been down about my job, unlike Ye, I am not putting my energy into my art in that aggressive manner. I do believe that is necessary to become great at your craft. It's been noted that to master any skill, one must put in 10,000 hours. I know in the past I have given my all to my work (again I think of Hip Hop Is Alive) but lately I haven't. I go home and relax, not write. I talk about what I'm going to do, not do. I think about writing, not write.

BOOM and just like when in church, there's the moment of conviction. Everything takes time and I'm grateful to have a relevant job while I pursue my art. And I'm super grateful it's not in the world of retail! Jokes. The morning drive got me together really quickly today thanks to the good Rev. Dr. Kanyeezy Mr. West.

Check out the video of SPACESHIPS and the Kanye West tribute from my play!


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