On The 21st Day...

I'm so amazed at myself. I actually made it 21 days with no sugar, alcohol, caffeine, gluten or animal products. That happened.

And inspired me to embrace change...well forced me to embrace change is more like how it really went. During the first week I had several breakdowns, seemingly unrelated to food. Things at home, work and in my social circles were a mess. Everything seemed to be falling apart. I had no idea how often I grab a hamburger or pour myself a drink when things bother me. I also didn't realize how often I allow sweet treats to comfort me in sadness. This cleanse definitely highlighted some unhealthy patterns and connections I have with food. Those thoughts about food led me to recognize a bigger issue - an inability to deal with emotional highs and lows. This was a glaring realization during the cleanse and I have now created healthier ways to take on the ebb and flow of life.

During the first two weeks of the cleanse, I was dropping pounds left and right. As of last Monday with a week to go I had lost 7 pounds. Today I weighed in and had only lost one additional pound. I figured out the issue though. Last week I found several vegan restaurants with meals that fit my plan. The week started with a holiday so I was off on grocery shopping. I also worked late every night so had to grab dinner on the way home. So while I ate within the plan, I didn't necessarily make the best choices of the options avail (i.e. eating carbs too late). But no complaints - 8 pounds in 21 days isn't horrible at all!

Energy wise, I feel like a new woman. I wake up every day before the sun with no alarm. I work out 3-5 times a week and work 9-10 hour days with after work obligations most nights. I've been keeping up quite well especially considering I haven't had my green tea! People have said my skin is brighter and looks good and I feel my hair is enjoying the change quite a bit. Not to give TMI but I go to the restroom quite a bit more than I was before.

So what now? Will I stick to this plan? Am I going to be a vegan?!? No. I am going to abstain from red meat until my birthday in July. I'm also going to eat chicken sparingly-like this Sunday for Super Bowl wings are definitely on the wish list! I miss dessert and have decided to order myself a king cake from my favorite spot in New Orleans since I can't be there for the Mardi Gras festivities. This week I'm trying a 5 day protein challenge where I eat one meal at lunch, protein shakes for breakfast and dinner and two snacks (half a protein bar and fruit/nuts). I'm actually excited for this...weirdly lol. I also upped my workout plan this week - S, M, W, T, S. Ready to go!

Welp without further ado, here's what I ate over the last week:

Sunday -

Breakfast - oatmeal with fruit

Lunch - veggie patty, spinach and rice medley

Dinner - deluxe veggie burger w/side salad (The Grain Cafe)

Monday -

Breakfast - protein shake

Lunch - Brussel Sprouts, wedge salad, tomato/avocado salad and vegan tomato soup (Lemonade)

Dinner - leftovers from lunch

Tuesday -

Breakfast - protein shake

Lunch - tomato and avocado sandwich on whole wheat with middle scooped out

Dinner - Vegetarian pho with brown rice noodles


Breakfast - protein shake

Lunch - kale/romaine salad with quinoa

Dinner - Chikn Club sandwich with side salad (The Grain Cafe)

Thursday :

Breakfast - protein shake

Lunch - gluten free personal pizza with dairy free cheese, brussel sprouts and mushrooms

Dinner - had vegetarian option at awards dinner (OMG super test day - had amazing bread baskets and dessert trays at our table!)


Breakfast - wheatgrass shot; protein shake (Naturewell 2)

Lunch - Sofritos bowl with brown rice and black beans from Chipolte

Dinner - Chips and guac/pico from lunch


Breakfast - vegan toaster waffles and morning star patties

Lunch - french fries and pitaya fruit bowl (beach day with friends)

Dinner - half bbq cauliflower salad and a no root beer soda-hated the drink YUCK (Powerfoods)


Breakfast - protein shake

Lunch - side salad and gluten free tostada pizza with no cheese

Dinner - other half of the bbq cauliflower salad


Breakfast - protein shake

Snack - half Qwest s'mores bar and an apple

Lunch - clear soup, jasmine rice and eggplant/tofu/veggie mix

Snack - other half protein bar and half banana from this morning's smoothie

Dinner - protein shake


And there you have it! The end of my first 21 day journey of 2015!