Shaky Ground

I love most things about L.A. The weather is absolutely amazing. There's several beaches within driving distance - each with their own vibe. It's super easy to eat and live healthy here. Everyone is beautiful...well the majority of people are beautiful. It's really a beautiful place to live. Nowhere is perfect though. Pick any city, it'll come with risks but the risk I encounter here may be driving me mad.ca_onshaky

I'm afraid of earthquakes. Seriously afraid. In the last month we've experienced quite a few mild ones. They occur at all times of day with no warning. The earth literally shakes. Now I'm convinced I can fill the ground moving under me - all the time! A Prius just passed by I swear I felt the vibration!

My normal sleep is being interrupted. I'm scared to visit friends and family who live on the first floor. I'm nervous constantly at work and on the roads. My conversation is all about earthquake preparedness and strategy. I also find myself asking folk constantly, "Did you feel that?". I know "the big one" is coming - statistically it has to be! The last HUGE one was when I graduated from high school. I've got to get out of my head on this earthquake thing...

I feel like I generally live my life on the edge but living on shaky ground is way scarier!