No-Thing But A Number

I often get bogged down with my age...oh whoa is me! I'm sooooo old! What shall become of my youth! Every so often there's a song that comes along that helps me embrace this age of mine and all the wisdom and insight that it brings. Last night while watching EMPIRE, Hakeem gave me a new song and perspective. I'll be singing this one as I eat birthday cake come July! Let's be clear, I'm all about self improvement but sometimes we have to take a moment to embrace what we have and are currently. I feel like a grown azz woman. This tune on last night's episode made me feel real happy about my age. And while I may not be Ms. Naomi, I'm a pretty bad azz DaVida Chanel. If you're feeling a bit over grown today, maybe this song will do for you what it did for me.