Time For Some Action

good-intentions2Ahhhh the day after the Oscars... In the past this day would trigger a week of inspiration. After spending hours committed to watching each and every moment of the telecast on Sunday, I'd spend the rest of the week engrossed in all things Academy Awards. I'd compare my personal picks vs. who the Academy picked as winners, read a ton of blogger positions on the event and find out who wore it well as per the fashion police. I'd tell myself this was all a part of getting me closer to my goals as a filmmaker. I'd tell my self conscious/ego that I needed all this knowledge so that one day I too could create something strong enough to be considered for Hollywood's biggest night. Every year, for as many years as I can remember, I would eagerly sign up for this my personal Academy Award shuffle. After all, it would all be in the name of inspiration...

The harsh reality is that this form of inspiration has not inspired much action over the years. Yes I have written and created work post Oscars, but it would literally be MONTHS after before I could pick up a pen. The Academy Awards do inspire me, but I admit, the hoopla of the entire event drains me and makes me feel incapable of reaching my goals. Another thing is the form of inspiration doesn't really help my work. I visualize the gown I'd want to wear or the speech I'd deliver, but my thoughts are not on the work. Once I've studied all the event's post talk, I then start the dreaded task of comparing myself to the winning filmmakers. It's a harsh comparison - I realize I don't take into account these people's entire journey. I only see that one piece of work that was so well received and I freak out...how can I go from a 10 minute short to a project that will receive a huge award? Then I go down the awful road of trying to create what I think will be popular. Horrific mistake! True art is produced from within and attempting to concoct some sort of shoe in for people's adoration is not real! Then I go into a bit of a creative lull that eventually breaks (usually after my birthday which isn't until the end of July).

Time For Action ImageThis year I don't have time for my normal Award Season antics. This year I need some action. I have a clear goal in mind as it relates to my career goes for 2015. These plans do not include letting months slip by with no true work in sight. So last night, while I did tune into the awards, my approach was different. I wasn't all consumed. I didn't participate in any Oscar pools and I didn't live tweet during the event. Since we're putting out there, I even nodded off several times and missed the last segment due to one of those naps!

Once I gathered myself (code for woke up) and found out all of the winners, instead of starting my normal onslaught of web searching to find out more about the honorees, I said a prayer of intention. I gave thanks for the performances that moved me and I asked that one day my work would move others. I planned out my next writing project - no it's not a feature film but actually a short story for a friend's collaborative writing project. The point is, I have a clear goal and a reason to put pen to paper. The idea of having a project that requires my deliberate attention feels much more purposeful than my previous post Oscar routine. I'm excited to see how this shift affects my work!